Coming soon

Sorry about this, folks. My hosting account went berserk and killed all my content. Since I haven’t been active for a while, it didn’t occur to me that all my backups are on an external hard drive, which has been safely stored somewhere in the loft.It’s just too much pain to resurrect all my old content at this point, so I decided to start with a clean slate.

As a result of this, right now there’s no content whatsoever.

And since we’re starting fresh, I’m changing a few other bits too:

  • A new look! But you’ve already noticed that.
  • A different take on content. Previously it was all quite techno-focused. There might still be some of that, as I’m a geek at heart. But the main streams are going to be:
    • Woodworking.
      It became necessary for me to do some basic DIY with the house we moved into a while ago, and I discovered I quite enjoyed it. I’ll talk about my journey, my workshop, my tools, and some of my projects.
    • Leadership
      Yeah, a little business-aligned content. Initially I may just cross-post my LinkedIn articles. Not sure where it’ll go from there! Watch this space.