Return of the Password Generator Toolbar

Yep, it’s back!

PswGen Screen Shot

The all-new PswGen toolbar

You’ll find it at

Attention Norfolk drivers!

If you happen to be driving down a narrow country lane at night, and the car coming towards you from the other direction carefully pulls over to make room for you to pass, don’t flash your lights in thanks! You may think you’re being polite, but you just destroyed my night vision.

Just drive past carefully and be on your way. I promise I won’t think you’re rude.

Wow, has it really been two years?

June 2012 was my last post. About a month before I lost my previous job. Wow, how time flies!

I’ll try to be a little more prolific in the coming months; there’s quite a lot on my mind and some of it needs to be vented :).

Pi Crust

I was very pleased, a couple of days after my Pi arrived, to receive my Pi Crust case. Ten minutes later, not so much. The side panels had been cut from stock that was just slightly too thick.
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Normal service will resume…

…as soon I figure out what is normal.

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